Altcoin Daily presents his 11 altcoins with massive potential in April

  • Altcoin Daily’s list of 12 promising crypto’s consists of Bitcoin as an ETF seems imminent and 11 altcoins with strong fundamental in the coming month. 
  • According to the YouTuber, an increasing global digitization trend will favor the digital real estate sector.

Austin Arnold, a popular YouTuber and crypto investor, has uploaded a new video in which he lists the 12 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for the whole year. Stressing that he is not a financial investor and the risks of investing in this market, the YouTuber stated that these 12 coins deserve the attention of those who want to “buy the dip.”

Arnold’s selected cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and 11 altcoins that are making progress or implementing real-world use cases. Bitcoin occupies the 12th spot because of the potential approval of an ETF in the United States, with 7 institutions having already filed an application with the SEC.

Arnold believes Fidelity’s ETF, which is physically backed by Bitcoin, will increase demand for the cryptocurrency. In addition, it could bring “a new group of investors” to the crypto market. The question, for the YouTuber, is not “if it will be approved,” but “when” a Bitcoin ETF will be approved.

Next, Arnold mentioned Ethereum due to the entry of new institutions, such as Staked. Through a new product, Staked will allow institutional investors to earn rewards for putting ETH into the Eth2 deposit contract without having to buy the cryptocurrency.

Cardano (ADA) also gets a spot on the list due to “the expansion of its ecosystem, its adoption in Africa, and the introduction of smart contract capabilities.” The YouTuber has high expectations for Cardano’s potential.

New bullish trends on the crypto market

On the next positions are coins that target the digital real estate sector, Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND). Part of a sector that is gaining more popularity in the crypto market, ecosystems based on these coins offer new opportunities for investors.

By purchasing a parcel of land in one of these “metaverses,” an owner can resell, rent or build businesses with an estimated potential 10x return in two years. Arnold stated that the world is “becoming more digital” and these coins will allow investors to obtain huge benefits.

The next altcoin is The Graph, a platform founded 3 months ago which is about to launch the next phase of growth in April. The mainnet will have “subgraphs” that will allow GRT token holders to receive “query fees”. Arnold stated:

If Ethereum or Cardano or Polkadot or any of these smart contracts DApp platforms are to be the decentralized supercomputer of the world, we’re going to need a way to query all that information. And that is exactly what The Graph is aiming to do.

Next, the YouTuber introduced THETA from Theta Network, which is set to launch its 3.0 mainnet on June 30 of this year. Operating as an “esports” streaming protocol, Theta Network will introduce “building blocks” that will give users access to a marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Not to be left out of the rankings is Uniswap, the Ethereum-based automated market maker. The Uniswap Labs team announced the deployment of its third iteration (V3) on May 5. The new version of Uniswap will introduce new features, such as concentrated liquidity positions and second-layer profit optimization solutions for liquidity providers.

Also, on the Arnold’s list is TrustSwap as it has extended from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. The cooperation has allowed more than 700 million to be secured in its token lock and liquidity locks functions.

Other projects mentioned by Arnold were SuperfarmDAO which was launched on the decentralized fund protocol Polkastarter and Chainlink with its recent integration into the Filecoin platform.

Also, the Ocean protocol and Polygon Network occupy a spot in Arnold’s list as they have partnered to lower gas fees. The goal of this integration is to build a bridge between the Ethereum ecosystem and other projects.

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