Altcoin Daily presents 9 altcoins with massive upside potential

  • Ethereum tops Altcoin Daily’s list as it could gain upside momentum with the deployment of second-layer scaling solutions.
  • Bitcoin’s price could be outpaced by Chainlink, according to a Citigroup report.

In the midst of a maturing bull market, YouTuber Aaron Arnold aka Altcoin Daily put together a video of the 9 altcoins with massive upside potential. In the current context, the YouTuber stated that there are plenty of opportunities for “smart” investors to change their lives.

In that sense, he placed Ethereum at the top of his list. Following the announcement of the Berlin hard fork which is designed to improve Eth1’s blockchain by changing the fee model, Altcoin Daily believes ETH has a strong narrative for the coming months.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s whitepaper author Vitalik Buterin recently stated that second-layer scaling solutions will be available in “the next few weeks.” Therefore, Arnold is predicting an increase in Ethereum’s scalability of up to 100x. This could give ETH a huge bullish boost if, according to Altcoin Daily, these solutions perform as expected. Buterin said:

Rollups are coming very soon. We’re fully confident that by the time that we need any more scaling of that, sharding will have already been ready for a long time by then.

Cardano over Ethereum, Chainlink over Bitcoin?

The second coin on the YouTuber’s list is Cardano. “Totally different from the Cardano” of a few years ago, Altcoin Daily believes that the platform has a strong narrative once the rollout of Goguen and its smart contract features is finished.

Although it has yet to integrate its full 100% capabilities with the hard fork combinator “Alonzo,” Cardano could take some of Ethereum’s market share in the DeFi sector, Altcoin Daily stated:

The fact is Cardano’s ecosystem is getting built out… Again I tell you, Cardano today is so much different than Cardano four years ago. We have four years of research and development, we have the transition from Byron to Shelly, the possibility to issue tokens now, smart contracts in a few months, growing user base, higher inflation… Cardano is one to watch.

Taking the third position is Litecoin with the rollout of its MimbleWimble upgrade which will allow users to make privacy protected transactions. With an estimated code completeness date set for next week, Altcoin Daily estimates that LTC could have the best risk-adjusted investment ratio next month. This is because LTC has historically tracked ETH’s performance and thus still has a lot of room to grow.

Next on Arnold’s list is Chainlink. He included it due to research from banking institution Citigroup. A report by them states that LINK will outperform Bitcoin. While acknowledging that the report does not make a proper distinction of use cases between cryptocurrencies, Arnold said:

A recent report by Citigroup forecasted that Chainlink may gain prominence over BitcoinLINK as a token in the Chainlink ecosystem could increase as blockchain continues to thrive globally over time.

On the next ranks are Polygon (MATIC), Scale Network (SKL), and SushiSwap (SUSHI) because they were recently added to Coinbase. Next, Arnold also listed Cook Finance because of its partnership with DuckDAO which has allowed it to receive funding. Also, Cook Finance has a strong narrative based on its objective to facilitate access to decentralized finance for all users.

Last on the list is Chiliz (CHZ) with a 10,000% growth in one year. The platform has expanded its non-fungible token (NFT) offering and has achieved significant partnerships in the sports industry recently.

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