All You Want to Know About Automated Crypto Trading

Automation is the order of the day. The presence of automated processes is evident in every aspect of building a product or service from scratch. Its significance is heavily felt in manufacturing, quality checks, and even increasing the efficiency and efficacy of sales and marketing.

According to market estimates, the automation industry is generating around 214 billion US dollars worldwide in 2021. The automation of digital processes is also expected to witness a double-digit growth rate between 2018 and 2023. Market research estimates predict that the market for digital process automation will reach USD 12.61 billion, at a CAGR of 13.3%, from a figure of $6.77 billion in 2018.

Automation in the World of Crypto

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has also welcomed automation. Automated crypto trading allows users to execute trades without them having to keep constant track of the market. Based on the strategy you rely upon, the system will execute trades on your behalf, pivoting on that one factor you have chosen from a set of plausible factors. These factors may include the price of the crypto asset, the proportion of value in your portfolio, or any other technical indicator.

If you are keen to leverage the massive growth potential the crypto market presents but do not have enough time to invest, automated cryptocurrency platforms are your best option.

Terablock is one such platform that helps you benefit from a machine learning-driven crypto trade automation regime. Along with automation, it also brings the benefits of a personalized trading portfolio.

Leading the charts as one of the most advanced crypto portfolio automation tools in the market, Terablock’s machine learning algorithms keep on learning from the trades it executes. And this learning drives it towards 100% perfection. The trading tools are specifically designed for the digital currency market that gives you price prediction signals with a near-perfect success rate.

With one-click access to real-time trading data and strict risk-management tools with real-time position management, automated trading platforms like Terablock come in particularly handy in highly volatile markets.

The Benefits of Automated Crypto Trading

There are several reasons why crypto traders choose to go with platforms like Terablock. All these reasons have their tangible impact on improving a trader’s bottom line, especially of one who is new or does not have rough time and resources to research. Here, we would have a look at some of the most crucial of these benefits.

Optimized Entry into the Market: Being a rapidly evolving market, the world of cryptocurrency is highly volatile. The price fluctuations are much higher compared to what any other asset trading market witnesses daily. Earning profits from such a volatile market requires extensive research and prior experience in dealing with these assets. Automated trading platforms help to even out such a market that is, otherwise, highly rewarding towards experience and full-time involvement. Platforms like Terablock, with its machine-learning-driven strategies, help novice traders locate the exact time of entry so that they could save days and weeks of time and resources to ascertain an optimum one. In short, an automated trading platform is a perfect launchpad for any new trader with the minimum volume of risk involved.
Follow the Best in the Market: Several automated trading platforms let new entrants copy the trading strategies of experienced traders. While experience is not alone sufficient to make someone fully immune to the risks of a market, there are several approaches that a newbie can learn from these experienced traders to minimize the major investment risks – risks that could cost them their entire initial investment.
Diversification: In any market, diversification of trading strategies and assets is paramount to reduce risk. While manual trading requires time to execute a trade and focus on one particular strategy at a time, automated trading strategies allow users to trade multiple accounts or strategies simultaneously. The index trade automation feature of Terablock, for instance, helps select four top-performing indexes at once based on their total market cap, asset performance, project overview, and other relevant statistical data. It is simple to use with a one-click set-up, and it acts fast whenever the market starts making corrections. Since it monitors the market 24/7, it can execute trades as & when there is a favorable change in the market conditions.
Preserving Discipline and Reducing Emotions: Since automated trade executions, once deployed, follows a disciplined regime, it negates the scope of emotions taking over a trader’s decision. A trader may fluctuate on his/her strategies depending on the emotional state they are in at that moment. In a market that is on a downward slope, traders may dwindle with their strategies driven by the fear of losing funds. On the other hand, in a market that is on an ascension slope, traders may make wrong decisions in the hope of making extra profits than initially estimated. Automated trading saves from such contingencies, which may hurt the trade.
Improving Speed and Monitoring Capabilities: Platforms like Terablock help prepare portfolios with a few clicks. The trading bots are quick in responding to the changing market conditions. It generates trades almost instantaneously as soon as the trading rules are met. It also acts fast in entering and exiting the market. 24/7 monitoring of the market helps capture the exact moment of entry or exit. It is not highly difficult for a trader, working manually, to capture these points with utmost accuracy.

Overall, automated crypto trading invariably results in efficiency and improvement of the bottom line. It is the reason why tools like TeraBlock can generate an annualized return of more than 300% on their portfolio.


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